Town/Village Assessor

Duties & Responsibilities    

The primary responsibility of an Assessor is to annually establish new assessments, to adjust existing assessments where necessary and to review and defend challenged assessments. Duties of an Assessor also include researching and maintaining essential statistics on all Village property; updating and inputting parcel and building inventory data, updating the digital photo database, recording all deed transfers, performing market studies and research, as well as responding to taxpayer inquiries.

It is important to note that Assessment administration is governed by NYS Real Property Tax Law, as well as case law, and for almost all property, this function is performed on the local level.  Support is provided by the Office of Real Property Tax Services (ORPTS), the State oversight agency that facilitates the administration of assessments and real property services for state purposes.

General Info

Property value comprises the underlying land and improvements situated hereon, if any, value also includes property rights and interests attached and inherent thereto, as reflected in a particular location, land area, building area, quality of improvement construction, building age, ownership and amenities afforded, among others features, factors and conditions. A property's assessed value in theory shall reflect its equivalent market value for tax purposes only, since the New York State system of taxation is "ad valorem ("at, or according to value.") 

On the 2016 tentative assessment roll, there were 5,941 parcels comprising varying property types in the Town/Village of Scarsdale, each reflected on the official tax map of the Town/Village and each having a land and total assessment. The map, which was digitized several years ago, is updated and maintained semi-annually as parcels are subdivided, merged, modified, newly created, or as is otherwise required. 


New Residents

Immediately after the title closing for the purchase of a property, all new homeowners are strongly urged to visit the Assessor's Office to make very important ownership record changes, as well as to visit the Manager's Office to obtain their "New Resident Packet."

Ownership/Address Changes

Requests for mailing address changes must be made in writing to the Office of the Assessor only. Ownership changes, however, can only be made via a copy of a deed, a copy of a NYS transfer form RP5217, or a copy of a death certificate presented to the Assessor. While deed transactions eventually become available to the Assessor from the Land Records Division of the Westchester County Clerk's Office, there can be a delay in their recording and, therefore, their receipt and implementation on the assessment roll.

Be aware of the law: Regardless of the cause or the party at fault, late payment of taxes caused by discrepancies in addresses and ownership data, accrue penalties, which are the sole responsibility of the taxpayer. To avoid the misdirection of tax bills, or any municipal correspondence, you are urged to immediately notify the Assessor's Office in writing (the water and recreation departments for their records, as well) of any changes in ownership, mailing and/or billing addresses. Remember, tax bills are issued 3 times a year.

Co-Terminus Town/Village Boundaries

Scarsdale is a co-terminus Town/Village, which means the boundaries of the Village are the same as the boundaries for the Town. By law the assessment of property function is assigned to the Town of Scarsdale.

There is only one school district serving residents of the Town/Village of Scarsdale, known as the Scarsdale Union Free School District, aka Scarsdale Central Schools; however, at the time of its inception and for unknown reasons, its boundary lines were drawn just outside of the jurisdictional boundary lines of the Town/Village. 

Owners of certain parcels that border Scarsdale, though actually situated in the Town of Mamaroneck, also known as the "Mamaroneck Strip," have the option of sending their children to either school district.

There are several Scarsdale parcels that are bisected parcels along our respective borders with other municipalities. As a result, there are a few White Plains, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, and Eastchester resident students attending Scarsdale schools, notwithstanding those students actually live outside of Scarsdale proper (not referring to tuition students.) This is a school district matter and all questions should be addressed the Scarsdale Schools Business Official at 914-721-2423.

Requests For Documents

Almost all documents are public and are made readily available to the public, whenever possible, including digital photos and sketches of village properties and property record cards.

By law, photocopies of property record cards, sketches, photos, deeds, etc. are $0.25, per 8-inch-by-11-inch page.


Please feel free to contact the Assessor's Office, should you require clarification, information, or assistance in assessment-related matters.

If you see any typographical errors on this page, please be sure to let us know! Thank you.