Property Record Cards & Building Inventory

Scarsdale’s New York State Equivalent Residential Farm and Vacant Land Property Record Cards have been updated after the completion of the 2014 and 2016 town-wide revaluations.  Property Record Cards can be obtained at the Scarsdale’s Assessor’s Office at Village Hall on the 2nd Floor.  

Extensive research and essential statistics on village property have been uploaded in the Property Assessment System including detailed inventory data of new construction, renovations and additions along with digital photos, digital sketches, deed transfers, assessment history and building permit information.  This information can be found on the On-Line Property Inquiry (link can be found on the Assessor’s main page and Scarsdale’s home page,) except for the digital photos and sketches.  They can be obtained by contacting the Assessor’s Office via phone, or email, or by request at the second-floor counter.

Certain data may not exist in Village assessment records and, therefore, are not available, partly because property owners have denied access to their premises.