Building Permits & Assessments

As set forth in the village code, all building improvements (exclusive of those de minimus in cost), renovations, additions, alterations, repairs and new construction require that a permit be issued by the Building Department prior to commencement of work.

Copies of all issued permits are provided electronically to the Office of the Assessor for review, analysis and subsequent property inspection. The Assessor will notify each holder of a current building permit in writing that the work will be inspected for assessment purposes and it is important and prudent that property owners know and understand their responsibilities and obligations in this regard.

Between March 31, 2014 and early June 2014, Tyler Technology representatives will re-inspect homes where recent construction has been newly completed. The Assessor's staff will update new information on respective property record cards in due course, though it is the assessor that will evaluate the cost/value of the improvements/work permitted and consider changing an assessment accordingly.

Assessment Rolls

The prior year assessment roll is available for public inspection throughout the year, though new assessments are posted each year beginning on June 1. All changes in assessments will be made in writing and sent to each homeowner just subsequent to June 1 every year, which also become available to the public via the electronic posting of the new tentative assessment roll on June 1. This roll is available electronically at Town/Village Hall, or online via this website, throughout the applicable assessment year only. Hard copies of all assessment rolls are always available upon request.